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As I am sure is evident, I am a fan of the writings of Japanese author Murakami Haruki. This page started as an essay bibliography many years ago.
I'd like to thank my wife Satomi for introducing me to this author.
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*In Japanese.

General articles and interviews.
List of Murakami's publications.
"Tokyo Prose."
Jean-Christophe Castelli in "Harper's Bazaar"
"PW Interviews: Haruki Murakami." Elizabeth Devereaux in "Publisher's Weekly" "Dancing as Fast as He Can." Sarah Wright in "Boston Magazine"

"A Dialogue Between Jay McInerney and Haruki Murakami. Roll Over Basho: Who Japan Is Reading, and Why." "The New York Times Book Review"

(Many thanks go to Greg Bueno, who originally put these pages up, and let me use them here.)

Haruki-dou by Susume Honma
An excellent collection of well written articles about Murakami's works.
The Best Way Of Spending Money by Dmitry Kovalenin
"Also titled Haruki Murakami's Cosmopolitan Anarchies"

Critical Essays
An Essay by Gareth Edwards, that says everything that I wanted to say in my essay, only better. I wish this one had been out there when doing my research...

"An Overview of the Hard-Boiled Fiction of Murakami Haruki" by me (with extensive quoting from many of the pages listed here)

Nejimakidori Forum, a page by Akira Kazama and Shigeki Natuyama. about "The Nejimakidori Chronicles."
Very comprehensive, and it just keeps getting better. It also has a few reviews of Murakami's works in English.

Amy Tak-yee Lai , Probably a fair bit of overlap here - I haven't checked :-)


Individual reviews.

South of the Border, West of the Sun, one of Murakami's non hard-boiled books.

From Savoy on Books

A less than favourable review of the same.

Ian Mcgillis Very balanced, well written.

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

By Adnan Ashraf

By Kevin Hunsanger customer reviews
Hard Boiled Wonderland A Wild Sheep Chase
Dance Dance Dance South of the Border, West of the Sun
The Wind Up Bird Chronicle The Elephant Vanishes
Norwegian Wood

From Horagai

"Murakami Haruki, Kawai Hayao ni ai ni iku." Haruki Murakami (moved?) "Shisha-tachi no Okurimono." Kouichi Katou in "Gunzou." 
"Ishou no Mori o Aruku." Kouichi Katou 
"Presents from the Dead" Kouichi Katou 
"Gunzou" (My translation of the above).

The World of Haruki Murakami index. This now points to an interesting chat room, with lots of "Murakami is God" sort of silliness going on.
"Metropolitan Sensibility."
Saburo Kawamoto
A very brief autobiography of Haruki Murakami.
"The Return From The Lost World." Kazuo Kuroko. "Book Review on A Wild Sheep Chase."
Brooke Horvath in "Review of Contemporary Fiction."
"Murakami Haruki and Raymond Carver: The American Scene."
Naomi Matsuoka "Comparative Literature Studies"
"Book Review on Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World."
Brooke Horvath in "Review of Contemporary Fiction."
Introduction to Major Works by Haruki Murakami.


Murakami Haruki Semmon Toshokan
Short reviews.
This one is great. Tons of original stuff  and really well written.
Sheepmanís Cafe
Short reviews
Murakami Haruki-teki Sekai
Tsukasa's comments on some Murakami works.
Comments on foodstuffs, drinks, animals and music that appear in M.'s works by Tsukasa.

Murakami Harukiís House of the Rising Sun. (Murakamiís Home Page.)
Murakami used to have a whole bunch of chatty articles here, in the vein of 'Murakami Asahido' and 'Haiho' etc., taken (I believe) from the Shuukan Asahi. However, it seems that since they were compiled into a book in their own right, they are no longer available for free on the net. Never fear, I saved them before they were taken off line, so anyone who wants a copy of them, mail me and I'll send them (about 250k zipped). Please note: *These are in Japanese only*

Broken links - some might found with a bit of judicious googling.

Murakami Haruki no Heya
Hiroe's opinions on a few works.
List of Murakami's assorted works, and critical reviews of his work.
Comprehensive list of Murakami's works.   List of works he has translated into Japanese.
List of works that have been serialized in Magazines.   List of essays published in assorted magazines.
Interviews, published in Magazines.   Recent works.
Critical Reviews of Murakami.   Critical reviews of Murakami in Monthly Magazines and on the web.
Mentions of Murakami in Weekly Magazines and suchlike.   Murakami's work Published overseas.
Soyoko Ryuu's "Aho-san index" (I'm pretty sad that this one doesn't seem to work any more... it was a good one.
Reviews and Thoughts.
Dance Dance Dance Norwegian Wood
Asahi shokudou no Gyakushuu. Nemuri 
Takuya Niidaís index of pages, including: - Miyawaki, Toshifumi "Eureka special edition - A detailed Guide Map to the works of Murakami Haruki" and Konishi, Keita "Music in the World of Murakami Haruki."

Toshifumi Miyawaki, "Eureka special edition - A detailed Guide Map to the works of Murakami Haruki." Aonisha, in:

"Music in the World of Murakami Haruki." Keita Konishi.
JapanMix. (this one is a bit muddled, and has been changed around a lot. Hence it doesn't work.)
"Rock album-teki Murakami Haruki Sakuhin Ron" Satoshi Kitani.
Murakami Haruki ni tsuite.
A couple of short opinions.

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